Gabriel of the Annunciation project


Close up of Gabriel

The Angel, while reflecting peace, compassion, and love is a blend of composure and activity; the very voice of God. The gesture to the heart identifies him as the ambassador of God, and the extended hand is offered to single Mary out and to convey God’s message.

The Hub Times, Hudson Ohio, August 19, 1998

Mary holds the Book of Holy Scripture against her womb symbolizing the word made flesh.

Mary Burnham

Close up of Mary

“The Annunciation”, when the angel Gabriel reveals to Mary she is carrying the son of God.
In having Mary’s veil fall to her shoulders teh sculptor wished to convey the opening of herself to God.

Hudson Hub-Times

People were absolutely thrilled with the statue’s beauty. The statue is so elegant and unique because it was carved from the imagination of the sculptor. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Mary Burnham

Cleveland born Sandro Boniauto sculpted the statue in Carrera, Italy.
… the statue was shipped from Italy and arrived in Hudson by flat-bed truck.
After arriving in the city, the statue remained encased in wooden crates for more than a week.
… the statue was left covered until the formal unveiling ceremony.

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