Duke University Chancellor, William G. Anlyan M.D.

I wanted to bring out the truth of Dr. Anlyan. I ‘m not interested in bringing myself to the fore. The important element is the sitter and his personality. I wanted to express that Dr. Anlyan is a humane, warm human being. All that is captured in his face.


Dr. William G. Anlyan

I was able to talk with Dr. Anlyan a couple of times, and I talked frequently with the people who knew him. I saw him at work, and I studied portraits of him. From these I got the idea of the personality that I wanted to express.


The portrait bust of Dr. William Anlyan, former chancellor of Duke University … is of astonishing spontaneity and life. Creations such as this should enrich your country with enduring works, destined to leave an indelible mark.

Dott. A. Dolcini, President, Ceramics Institute of Faience

Bust of Anlyan Unveiled article

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